Why choose between practical and provocative, when you can have both!

Emerging from the desire to create inclusive intimate clothing that was seductive and still a solid contender for the top spot in comfort - Iona Smith Scott's defiant nature led her to design lingerie that presents adaptable fit as a non-negotiable.

We prioritise how our lingerie makes you feel, not just how it looks.

Designed for long days and adventurous nights, Iona Smith Scott uses naturally breathable OEKO Tex Standard 100 Organic Cotton to ensure long-lasting satisfaction, all day and all night.

Our passion extends further than the carnal temptations of lust -

This brand embodies essential commitments to sustainability, with each piece passionately handcrafted in Barcelona using locally sourced, recycled, and organic materials. We eliminate plastic in favour of metal fastenings and employ eco-friendly packaging in an effort to minimise our environmental impact.

Fan the flames of diversity!

We are an inclusive lingerie brand, boasting a range of unisex and withroom pieces that tailor perfectly to fit all body types. Each ethically made garment features easily adjustable straps, ensuring that you can effortlessly achieve the ideal fit, no matter your body shape.

Praise, pleasure and disobedience.

Iona Smith Scott is an exploration of self-adoration. The desire to inspire mischief, ignite curiosity and arouse rebellion.

Be defiant, be adored.

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Handmade Small Batch Production
Ethically Produced In Barcelona
Sustainable Packaging Paper only
Free EU Shipping Over 200€