The Divine Inspiration Behind
Iona Smith Scott

We invite you to explore how these legendary gods and goddesses from various mythologies have shaped our provocative yet adaptable intimate wear. Our designs transcend the ordinary, offering a glimpse into a world where deities, like Athena and Aphrodite, are not just myths but muses for our handmade intimates. 

As we define the connection between mythic symbolism and our transcendent designs, you'll see how each piece captures the spirit of these timeless stories, blending them seamlessly with our inclusive nature and high-quality ethos of our brand.

Mythology in Fashion

In the world of fashion, mythology doesn’t just serve as inspiration; it acts as a bridge connecting fantasy with reality infusing our garments with stories of power, passion, and transformation. At Iona Smith Scott, each design brings a touch of the ethereal to our hand-crafted collections. 

  1. Timeless Inspiration

Mythology has always been an inspiration in the fashion world. The influence of ancient legends and deities can be seen from the runways of high fashion to casual everyday wear. In this article, we highlight how these stories have transcended time, continually finding new life in modern design.

  1. Characters and Symbolism

Each mythological character embodies specific attributes and stories, which can be subtly or overtly reflected in fashion. For example, garments inspired by Athena could incorporate strategic cuts and strong lines, symbolising wisdom and warfare. Pieces echoing Aphrodite may play with flowing fabrics and romantic details due to her association with love and beauty.

  1. Fashion as Storytelling

Fashion offers a unique way to tell stories. By incorporating mythological themes, designers allow wearers to engage in a narrative, making each piece more than just an item of clothing. Wearing these pieces allows individuals to express parts of their personality or aspirations, embodying the spirit of the mythological figures that  they represent.

  1. Modern Interpretations

Iona Smith Scott reinterprets these ancient stories for a current audience. This includes using contemporary materials and techniques to craft pieces that are both wearable and meaningful. The fusion of traditional mythology with modern fashion results in a unique style that is both edgy and elegant.

  1. Cultural Fusion

Mythology is rich with stories from all corners of the world. Iona Smith Scott’s collections embrace this diversity, drawing inspiration from various cultures. This not only adds depth to the designs but also celebrates inclusivity and global heritage in fashion.

The Divine Collections

Take a look into the heart of our collections, where each piece is a tribute to the captivating narratives of ancient deities. In this section, we’ll spotlight three standout items: the Nanaya mini dress, the Aya lingerie set, and the Thetis garter and bustier set. Each item in a collection is a reimagining of mythological tales, blending the lines between past and present, divine and human.

Nanaya: Sheer Mesh Mini Dress

Embodying the Mesopotamian goddess of love, the Nanaya mini dress is a celebration of love's physical and emotional dimensions. Crafted from delicate sheer mesh, this dress is a modern ode to Nanaya's title as the "lady of love". Perfect to express your sensuality with a hint of mystique, this piece is an odyssey to the bold and unabashed celebration of love. 

Aya: Strappy Thong and Cut-Out Bra Set

Aya, the goddess of dawn in Mesopotamian mythology, is the inspiration behind this lingerie set. Just as Aya signifies the beginning of a new day, this set symbolises a fresh, bold approach to intimate wear. This set is a perfect blend of historical richness and style, designed for those who draw strength and inspiration from the dawn's renewing energy.

Thetis: Leg Garters and Open Cup Bustier Set

Drawing inspiration from Thetis, the shape-shifting sea goddess, this set is a tribute to her power. The leg garters and open cup bustier set capture the fluidity and grace of the sea, intertwined with Thetis's prophetic abilities and her dynamic nature. The design mirrors the ebb and flow of the ocean waves, offering a piece that is both strong and provocative. This set is ideal for those who embrace the transformative power of the sea and the freedom it represents.

Diversity and Inclusion in Fashion

As in the mythological past and the fashion world today, the embrace of diversity and inclusion is in the midst of a revolutionary shift. Iona Smith Scott stands at the forefront of this movement, championing collections that celebrate and respect the spectrum of human diversity.

A Celebration of All Bodies

Our commitment to inclusivity is evident in its sizing and design choices, catering to a diverse array of body types and sizes. This approach shatters the traditional one-size-fits-all mentality, recognising and honouring the beauty in every shape and form. By showcasing models of various sizes, ages, and backgrounds, we not only talk the talk but walk the walk in representing real, diverse beauty.

Queer-Inclusive and Non-Binary Designs

In an industry often saturated in gender norms, Iona Smith Scott stands out for its queer-inclusive and non-binary designs. We understand and respect the fluidity of gender identity, offering pieces that transcend traditional gender boundaries, providing comfort and style for every individual, regardless of how they identify.

Global Influence

Drawing inspiration from a plethora of cultures and histories, Iona Smith Scott weaves a tapestry of global influence into its designs. This not only adds depth and character to each piece but also acknowledges and respects such diverse cultural backgrounds.


Representation matters, and we ensure that our branding reflects this belief. By featuring models and collaborators from a range of ethnicities, abilities, and identities, we want to send a powerful message of acceptance and power in individuality. This commitment to representation goes beyond imagery, it’s an important part of our narrative and mission.

A Community of Acceptance

Beyond its products, we want to cultivate a community where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued. Through social media engagement, inclusive events, and open dialogues, Iona Smith Scott creates spaces where diversity is not just accepted but celebrated.

Goddesses in Fashion Through the Ages

Ancient Civilizations (3000 BCE - 5th Century CE):

In ancient cultures like Egypt, Greece, and Rome, goddesses such as Isis, Athena, and Venus influenced clothing styles. Egyptian fashion featured elaborate headdresses and jewelry inspired by Isis and Grecian drapes and Roman togas mirrored the elegance of Athena and Venus.

Middle Ages (5th - 15th Century):

The church's influence meant less direct inspiration from pagan goddesses. The ideal of celestial beauty, inspired by figures like the Virgin Mary, who had aspects of goddesses like Aphrodite, influenced the modest and draped clothing styles.

Renaissance (14th - 17th Century):

With a renewed interest in classical mythology, the Renaissance brought goddesses back into the fashion spotlight. Renaissance fashion saw the return of Greco-Roman draping, flowing gowns, and accessories like laurel wreaths, reflecting goddesses such as Athena and Aphrodite.

Baroque and Rococo (17th - 18th Century):

Gowns were made with luxurious fabrics and embellishments, to imitate the grandeur and beauty of goddesses like Hera and Aphrodite. 

Victorian Era (19th Century):

While fashion became more conservative, mythology was still often used as a muse. Goddess-inspired motifs were etched into jewelry and accessories, and evening gowns were fashioned in the classical styles of goddesses like Artemis and Demeter with their flowing lines.

Art Nouveau and Art Deco (Late 19th - Early 20th Century):

These movements brought stylised, geometric interpretations of goddesses. The sleek, linear fashions of the Art Deco era mirrored the streamlined depiction of goddesses like Isis and Athena.

Mid-20th Century:

Post-war fashion, with designers like Dior, reintroduced femininity, drawing from goddesses for inspiration, seen in cinched waists and full skirts reminiscent of Aphrodite's femininity or Athena's warrior-like strength.

Late 20th - Early 21st Century:

Fashion in the early 21st century has seen the most diverse range of goddess influences. With ethereal, romantic styles invoking Freya and the bold, empowering looks inspired by warrior goddesses like Durga, contemporary fashion continues to draw from these figures fearlessly.

Current Trends:

Today, the influence of goddesses in fashion is often seen in thematic collections, eco-friendly movements, and the blend of strength and elegance in women's fashion, celebrating diversity and the nature of femininity.


In conclusion, Iona Smith Scott is more than a brand, it’s a movement that champions diversity, embraces individuality, and redefines the norms of intimate apparel. It’s not just about the garments, but the stories they tell and the confidence they inspire.

The journey doesn't end here. Iona Smith Scott remains committed to evolving and expanding its collections, continuously pushing the boundaries of design, sustainability, and inclusivity. As we grow, we promise to maintain its core values and continue to be at the forefront of innovation in the intimate clothing  industry.

We care about your feedback and interaction with us. Your voice is not just heard; it shapes our future collections and inspires us to give you the best intimates possible. Together, we can continue to break barriers and set new standards in intimate apparel. 

Connect with us anytime on Instagram. We’re always open to your questions, creative ideas, or if you simply want to chat. We love hearing from you and are excited to be a part of your fashion journey!